19 February, 2014 Ukulele


Ukuleles are the ultimate holiday gift — portable, accessible and inexpensive. Here's an idea: once you have one — why not learn how to play it? This kid and family class will show you just what to do with that shiny new instrument! We'll start with simple 2- and 3-chord songs that will have everyone playing in the first lesson. Parents can accompany kids five and up, while kids eight and older are welcome on their own. Even parents are welcome on their own! Got a song you just have to play? Suggest it, and we'll work it out with you!

Heidi Swedberg   10:30-11:30 am  Saturdays, Mar 28-Apr 11 (3 sessions)   $90 (ages 8 & up)  /  $40 (kids under 8)


Kids and adults, learn to play the ukulele in a DAY! Don't let that little instrument gather dust — come learn songs to get you started, and the secrets to allow you to play most any pop and folk song. See how fun and easy it can be in this 1-hour class designed to have you up and playing right away. Kids under 8 should be accompanied by a participating grown-up.

Heidi Swedberg   12-1 pm  Saturday, Date Pending (1 session)   $40


You'll have a marvelous time making music with this remarkably easy to play miniature guitar. You'll learn simple chords, strums, and songs from Mr. Ukulele himself, Steve Rose. Bring your own instrument, or play one of ours, if you don't have one yet. It's easy! It's fun! Come!

Steve Rose   8-9:30 pm  Wednesdays, Dates Pending (8 sessions)   $180


Love the ukulele? Join Steve Rose in an ongoing workshop intended to sharpen your skills in a fun and interesting environment. Learn more about scales and chord inversions, increase your finger picking dexterity, experience a variety of musical styles and rhythms, and practice your ensemble playing all while learning a multitude of new songs. For those students who have completed both Steve's Beginning Ukulele class and Ukulele 2, or with equivalent experience.

Steve Rose   8-9:30 pm  Wednesdays, Dates Pending (8 sessions)   $180


Here's the next step after Beginning Uke, a class covering both chords and strumming in greater depth. Squeeze more music out of that little instrument, and learn some new songs while you're at it. This course will strengthen your skills and prepare you for Steve's Continuing Uke class. If you have not yet taken Steve's Uke 1 class, please contact him before signing up (ukerocker@gmail.com or [310] 890-4017).

Steve Rose   8-9:30 pm  Wednesdays, Dates Pending (8 sessions)   $180

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